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Weatherby Trucking Yellowknife Northwest Territories Heavy Construction heavy towing mining

About Us

Weatherby Trucking established itself as a company "Born and Raised in the North"(as was the owner) back in 1997 along with family roots in the YK Mining Industry since 1937. What started as a one man operation has grown to a company that employs 15-20 Northern hire employees during peak season. Being a family run business we take extra pride in the day to day operations and are very hands on from start to finish with our ongoing jobs. We are able to facilitate many diverse projects due to our extensive and varied inventory of equipment, a strong Health and Safety Policy and a drive to take on any challenges presented to us. With long term Customer and Vendor relationships, Weatherby Trucking shows commitment to both old and new clientele and looks forward to continuing to grow our business. 

Blair Weatherby owner operator of Weatherby Trucking Ltd Yellowknife NWT
Blair Weatherby, Owner

Blair Weatherby was born and raised in Yellowknife, NWT. Growing up watching his family doing various trucking/mining related jobs, he had a dream to run his own Trucking company. No one takes more pride in seeing their name doing jobs around Yellowknife than Blair.

Gordon Weatherby, Father

Kenneth Gordon Weatherby has been in this industry since before the Ice Roads began. Running up on the first roads with John Dennison of Byers Transport to Port Radium. He also worked for Echo Bay Mines, working with the Herc for many years. Showing a young child all these exciting things fostered a perfect environment to raise a son like Blair. 

Earl Ray (Bud) Weatherby, Grandfather

Bud Weatherby on the right. the root of the Weatherby family in Yellowknife. In 1951 Bud, with his wife Dot, and their oldest sons Gordon, (Blairs father), Gary, and Glen, with Uncle Bob being born in Yellowknife later on, came North to start a long line of Weatherby's in Yellowknife.

Equipment Available

Trucks and Trailers

  • Winch Trucks

  • Tractors

  • 40' Floats 

  • Tilt Deck

  • Scissorneck Lowboys

  • Aluminum Combo Highboys

  • 7-Axle

  • 8-Axle

  • 9-Axle

  • 10-Axle

  • Pilot Trucks

  • Water Trucks

  • Vacuum Trucks

  • 320" Bed Truck

  • Gravel Trucks

  • End Dumps


  • Flagmen

  • Foreman

  • Labour

  • Operator

  • Service Truck with Mechanic

  • Supervisor


  • D6T LGP

  • D8R with Ripper


  • 450LC John Deere

  • 350D LC John Deere

  • 270 Hitatchi

  • 330 CAT with Shear and Hammer attachments

  • KX57 Mini Kubota

  • 36"-72" Digging and Clean up Buckets


  • IT28G CAT

  • 966F CAT

  • 624E John Deere

  • 980G CAT

  • 277B CAT Skidsteer

730 CAT Rock Trucks


  • Grader

  • Snowcat

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