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2837 PPCLI Royal Canadian Army Cadets

We have been supporting our local Army Cadet Unit in various capacities since 2002. 

We currently have a trailer for cold storage on our property, for all of their gear that can survive the cold, and they do not need on a regular basis. 

We also have assisted them this year with securing a Sea Container to store the items they need access to on a weekly basis, as they do not currently have room indoors at their current location.

Equipment Available

Trucks and Trailers

  • Winch Trucks

  • Tractors

  • 40' Floats 

  • Tilt Deck

  • Scissorneck Lowboys

  • Aluminum Combo Highboys

  • 7-Axle

  • 8-Axle

  • 9-Axle

  • 10-Axle

  • Pilot Trucks

  • Water Trucks

  • Vacuum Trucks

  • 320" Bed Truck

  • Gravel Trucks

  • End Dumps


  • Flagmen

  • Foreman

  • Labour

  • Operator

  • Service Truck with Mechanic

  • Supervisor


  • D6T LGP

  • D8R with Ripper


  • 450LC John Deere

  • 350D LC John Deere

  • 270 Hitatchi

  • 330 CAT with Shear and Hammer attachments

  • KX57 Mini Kubota

  • 36"-72" Digging and Clean up Buckets


  • IT28G CAT

  • 966F CAT

  • 624E John Deere

  • 980G CAT

  • 277B CAT Skidsteer

730 CAT Rock Trucks


  • Grader

  • Snowcat

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